Vote to Repeal Healthcare

An overwhelming majority in the U.S. sees the economy, or more specifically jobs, as the most important issue for our country.  However, the first thing on the agenda for the new Republican controlled house is to spend valuable time discussing the repeal of healthcare legislation passed last year.

News organizations generally state repeal will never happen since the Democrats still control the senate, and Obama has veto power even if a vote to repeal could pass the senate.  You can read about efforts to repeal in this NPR article link.

Interestingly, according to articles in The New York Times and Accounting Today, in order to vote to repeal new healthcare legislation, the Republicans made an explicit exception to their new rule to pay for spending increases by cutting spending elsewhere.  The Congressional Budget Office projects a $140 billion savings over 10 years with the new healthcare legislation.  Repealing healthcare would have meant they’d have to cut $140 billion in other spending.  Republicans say the new healthcare legislation is costing the government, but if that were true, why did they explicitly exempt healthcare repeal from their “cut-as-you-go” rule?

Basically, the house Republicans are diverting time & energy from dealing with the economy and creating jobs toward a feat that will never happen.  Also, they’re creating uncertainty for business which always costs time & money.

By allowing business to plan for legislation that has already been passed, and focusing on new legislation designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs, congress will have the best chance at steering the country in a positive direction.


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