John Boehner’s Tears

Much ado has been made about John Boehner’s Tears.  If it weren’t for republican ridicule of the single tear shed by Hillary Clinton at a rare moment during the democratic presidential campaign, this should have never been a topic of major discussion.

That said, it’s time to let this tearful topic go until republicans want to ridicule another democrat for something anybody else might do.  Republican hypocracies can be listed at that time until they return to earth.

Tears are not a sign of weakness or instability.  Each of us has a unique combination of strengths and characteristics some identify as weaknesses.  Boehner has shown himself as a strong leader regardless of how many see his policies.  It’s good to see American leaders have some compassion.

I am amazed how often and easily Boehner tears up, and even sobs, but I can’t cast him any blame.  My best guess is he has some mild form of bi-polar tendencies which many strong people in this world find a way to control and convert to a strength.

I have a dream that one day political discussion across this land will remain focused on the issues and how our leaders navigate them.  In this era of extreme economic difficulties, please, let that day be now.


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