Is Obama an American

Some Republican Party leaders, members, and the people they incite, spew shouts that President Obama is not an American.  They say he was born in Kenya, not the U.S. so he isn’t an American.

First of all, even if he was born in Kenya, Obama would still be an American born citizen because his mother was American (and American born).  That fact ends the discussion.

If children born abroad by an American parent weren’t born American citizens, then none of the children of American military born abroad would be eligible for President, neither would any children born abroad while their parents traveled or worked abroad.

Secondly, the state of Hawaii has a birth certificate for President Obama.  It is hard to imagine that people are still saying an entire U.S. state conspired, not to get one of their own elected as President, but to get a random Kenyan into office.

Why is this so important?  This issue continues to make many people distraught and has made some do unstable acts.  Unfortunately, many Americans haven’t figured out that black people are just as much human and American as they are, so the thought of him as being a plant from Kenya, and now their President, is even worse.  Instead, they need proof that they are not worth less than a black man.

Republican politicians need to emphatically put this issue to rest at their many widely publicized events.  They need to censure their members who continue to spew “birther” lies.  So far, the best I’ve seen was John Boehner reluctantly answer this question when interviewed by Brian Williams last week by saying, “If the Hawaiian government says Obama [was born in the U.S.], that is good enough for me.”  Even when pressed by Williams that the Republican Party should reprimand party members for continuing lies of Obama’s citizenship, he avoided the issue even though he is now Speaker of the House.  This amounts to approval of effects their lies they have sown.

If these people won’t accept proof from the state of Hawaii, then they must accept that Obama is a U.S. citizen because his mother was an American born citizen.  It’s that easy.



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3 responses to “Is Obama an American

  1. Expecting Republican politicians to put the issue of Obama’s birth certificate to rest is presupposing that you’re dealing with honorable statesmen. There was a time when this was so–in the days of Robert Taft, Charles Percy or Everett Dirksen, you might sharply disagree with their point of view, but they were honorable men and election rhetoric was on a generally higher level because it was conducted in newspapers and on radio. Maybe the electorate was less gullible too. Now we fall for sound bites endlessly shrieked at us over television and march like lemmings to the polls to vote against our own interests. There are no holds barred, truth doesn’t enter into it, and the likes of Sara Palin are taken seriously.

  2. True, getting people to vote against their own interests seems to be the driver here. Getting small business owners riled up about healthcare reform, even though they offer no healthcare to employees and healthcare would now be cheaper for employees and themselves, means you have to use untruthfull tag lines like, “Health care reform kills small business.” Somehow, republicans feel they can say anything democrats want to do “kills” someone or something.

  3. One selling point for universal healthcare I never heard used by the Democrats–and this surprised me because it is so obvious, and important on many fronts–and that is universal healthcare would be a boon for business, especially small business. Think how many more people they could hire if they didn’t have outrageous health insurance premiums as a millstone around their necks. If Medicare were extended to cover everyone, medical care would also be cheaper because providers settle for what Medicare says a procedure is worth., and the 20% not covered by Medicare could more easily be borne by a supplemental policy or patients themselves, because it would be 20% of a much smaller amount. Of course the drug companies and insurance companies would scream like the proverbial stuck pigs, but it’s better to stick it to the pigs and not the American people. Maybe that would teach them to not be so piggish.

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