The Importance of Cooperation with China

Hu Jintao

Hu Jintao - President of China

Over the past 20 years, China has increasingly become a fixture in American minds.  Americans worry China is on their way to owning the U.S. while Americans mostly fill their homes with items made in China.  Are we just a step from being China’s 6th autonomous region, or 2 steps from being their 23rd province?  If we look at our 230-year history with England, the answer is no.

The United States will remain the preeminent world power through my lifetime, and will remain a world power for future generations to come until there is a single international government.  This is not something the average American needs to worry about.  Our government, and most of the international community, will continue to position the U.S. as a world leader.  However, can the United States support world interests on its own?  We only need to look at Iraq and Afghanistan to realize that is the most we can do, and it is draining us.

The U.S. will remain the world leader through cooperation with emerging world powers just as England/The U.K. has remained a world power through its cooperation with the U.S.  The world has so many problems needing international attention or intervention, and no individual country can handle these alone.  Nothing proved this better than U.S. bravado charging into Iraq, and watching Rumsfeld famously state, “How long will the war last?  It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months.”

Let’s face it, no country could ever amount to Superman’s ability to reverse time and negative events by flying around earth with ultra-speed.  Nor can any country survive our last administration’s faith based on, “If America does it, God will make it right.”  Well, that is exactly what our militant Islamic enemies believe, too.  Following this faith-based ideology, American international support went from legendary on September 11, 2001, to little support when we entered Iraq, to even less over the coming years.  Look at the last 2k years.  Faith-based wars last decades, centuries, and millenia.

God is a strong partner of many individual people, but is clearly not a proven partner of a country.  The U.S. cannot cowboy it alone.  We must continually foster cooperation with current and emerging world powers in order to provide the greatest positive influence over the rest of the world without Americans footing 90% of the bill.  The U.S. cannot afford financial future financial strains akin to Iraq and Afghanistan, and most people argue we can’t afford these current strains committed to in the last decade.

Cooperation with China, and continued cooperation with the European Union where Americans no longer foot the lion’s share of the bill, will make America stronger and increases our ability of remaining a world power into the future.  In contrast, lone cowboy operations will drain our country to collapse.  Additionally, if the U.S. focuses on green and next-generation technologies, China and other cooperative countries will have the ability to buy American.

China’s leaders have shaken our hands for years so we can bow to them in civility without bowing down to them in submissiveness.  Hu Jintao will visit Washington this week.  We need to support our administration’s efforts toward cooperation with China.  Tthe meetings this week will be very important in setting the stage.


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