About Cloud to Ground

Cloud to Ground describes people & politics – first from cloud level, and then at ground level.  It focuses on contemporary topics offering unsanitized stories compared to those found on cable TV or in print.

As a blog, many entries will reflect my views, or my best, current thoughts, but I will try to separate accepted fact from opinion.  Any opinions will be based on first-hand experience or observation unless otherwise noted.  Unlike Fox News or MSNBC, Cloud to Ground will not give you news pre-digested to spew a particular political or social perspective.

I appreciate constructive feedback.  Please refrain from comments like, “That’s bulls-t”, without offering a constructive view and offering facts, or links to facts, that back your statements.  Additionally, facts should be contemporary to the discussion (i.e. citations describing U.S. poverty and unemployment from 2002 are not relevant except in some then and now comparisons).

I hope you enjoy Cloud to Ground, and share it with others.